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New Website Care Packages from WP-Proz

WP-Proz Cloud gives you complete control over your products and services

WP-Proz Cloud is the name we have given to our client area. Within you can manage all of your websites, domains and mailboxes. Including all billing information and one click login buttons for your hosting control panels. No need to remember loads of passwords.

Websites Care Plans

Manage your WP-Proz products & services in the cloud

Websites are very technical and require constant attention. When websites break its not always your hosting that is to blame. Which means they have no responsibility to fix it. All that you really want to know is if something goes wrong with it you have someone to call. In all cases! Say hello to WP Proz Cloud

Complete Website Hosting and Management for your business website. We provide domains, hosting, care plans and most importantly direct phone support.

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Your all in one dashboard

From our client portal you will be able to keep track of all your products and services. Not to mention instant access to our experts.

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